Cranberry Apple Crisp

It's dessert time, baby.

Dessert is my love language (well that and coffee). So I was SUPER excited to get to experiment in the kitchen a bit to bring ya'll Thanksgiving desserts! We always bring a dessert to Tyler's family at Thanksgiving and I have such a tough time deciding what to make because I love them ALL! I think this year I might bring this crumble and a pie. But which pie...gosh, there's so much to decide. I digress.

Obviously cranberries are the berry of Turkey day, so I thought it would be cool to make something that included them, and apples just make sense to pair them with. Choose an apple on the sweeter side though, like a gala or fuji because you want the sweetness of the apples to help balance out the mouth puckering tart you get from cranberries!

Usually pie has my heart, but I love a crisp or crumble because I can get more fruit per serving vs. a pie and it feels a little lighter to me. It's just a big bowl of fruit just topped with a litttttle bit of sugary, buttery, crumble goodness. Plus it's a great way to use up all of the seasonal fruit you might have around from your CSA or farmer's market (we have a TON of apples)! On top of that, they are just so easy to make. The hardest part is peeling and cutting fruit! Once that's done, you just mix of the crumble, top the fruit and pop it in the oven. We love a low maintenance dish over here at Megan B. Well.

Often crisps have a metric ton of butter added into the topping, making it a bit heavier and just sort of a fat bomb in each serving. I decided to replace a lot of the butter with pumpkin puree, which worked really well! It adds a bit of a fall flair to the dessert without having an overpowering flavor, and it cuts the saturated fat in the recipe way, way down. It's a win win!

Top this dessert with some homemade whipped cream or your favorite ice cream flavor- I chose some strawberry because it was what we had on hand, but vanilla would be a great choice too!

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