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I teach a whole-body approach to health

We live in a world of fad diets, fix it all solutions, and overwhelming misinformation about food and fitness. I am shouting through the noise to create a community of people who are educated, fueled, strong, confident and free.

Megan B. Well, Registered Dietitian
learn to be well

Are you tired of feeling stuck when it comes to your health?

I am unwaveringly passionate when it comes to living better and finding freedom through smart, informed, confident choices. I provide you the opportunity to achieve your nutrition, strength, weight, and body composition goals while eating delicious, whole foods that allow for flexibility and indulgence along the way.

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shouting through the noise

As a Registered Dietitian I am passionate about nutrition, but let me be clear, I also passionately believe we should take a comprehensive whole-body approach when it comes to health. As a personal trainer and lover of science, I always consider ALL the factors affecting your health, including: balanced nutrition, exercise and fitness, sleep and stress, hormones, digestion and mental health. I’m not here to just talk about a piece of your wellness, I want to teach you to BE well. ⁣⁣

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“Working with Megan has been a wonderful experience. She is fun, knowledgeable, energetic, and passionate about her work.”

Megan Lifting Weights - Registered Dietitian
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strong over skinny

I won’t just show you how to eat your vegetables, I will teach you how to be nourished. I won’t just give you workouts, I will teach you how to be strong. I will show you how to be confident and be free from food restrictions, fad diets, mental exhaustion, confusion around exercise, and negative thoughts about your body.⁣ And if you’re standing up and cheering because being nourished, strong, and free is exactly where YOU wanna be, then I think it’s time we work together.

it’s time to learn to be well

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As a woman who has been told the thinner I am, the more attractive and healthy I appear, I’ve tried all the short cuts to loosing weight that are available on the market. I knew nothing about how eating the right foods could give me the energy I needed throughout the day and keep me full between snacks and meals. I had no idea how many calories I needed to eat to sustain a healthy weight. However, after working with Megan, I do know all that, and more. As a 53 year-old woman, it’s more important for me to eat healthy than ever before, and I’m so glad I have Megan to cheer me on as I learn to do that.

- lea
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