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When I first started my journey I had 1000 questions along with about 106 bad habits that I had to completely reset my understanding on. I thought Whole30 would be THE solution, I had competitions with myself on how few calories I could intake day-to-day, I thought the scale was the be it all teller of my health, and I was ragged out exhausted. 

Maybe this is you? Maybe you’re further along in your journey? Or maybe you have no idea where you, but you know you’re worthy of living a better life without restrictions, guilt, and confusion. Wherever you are, I’d love to talk with you and bring knowledge and freedom where you need it!

Megan B. Well
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Do you have questions about one of my services? Or maybe you know you need help but just don’t know where to begin! Maybe you have an idea for a blog post I could do that would be helpful to our nutrition & fitness community or maybe you just want to have a conversation t see if I’m a good fit for you (and visa versa!). Well, I’d love to hear from you! Drop me a message below and I’ll respond within the week (pending rare but necessary vacations!).