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1-1 nutrition coaching

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With 1-1 Nutrition Coaching you’ll get nutrition and lifestyle coaching without starving yourself or having to avoid all the fun events in your life!

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1:1 nutrition coaching

receive the tools you need to succeed

macro jump start

A custom tailored calorie and macronutrient prescription based on your health goals, preferences and eating history.

meal planning

We will work through my meal planning framework to customize a plan that fits your lifestyle and macronutrient needs.

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personal meetings

We will meet 1:1 via zoom every 2 weeks to discuss how things are progressing and make any necessary adjustments.

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Have a question? No worries! Reach out to me anytime through text or voice messaging.

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macro plan

1:1 guidance

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Have questions, no problem! Checkout the FAQs at the bottom of the page, and if you still need answers, please email me

learn to redefine

your relationship with food

I will help you set goals that fit seamlessly into your lifestyle and identify actionable steps to attain them. Through detailed food journaling, we’ll identify the appropriate amount of calories and macronutrients for you to eat daily that will leave you feeling satisfied, energetic, and able to power through your day with focus and intention rather than brain fog and hunger pains.  Approach holiday gatherings, birthday parties, and dinners out confidently, knowing you have a plan rather than dreading having to order a sad salad with a side of air. 

Meal Planning and Preparation
this program is designed

to help you achieve your goals


Get personal coaching by a registered dietitian with years of experience.


We start with nutrition basics before diving into the complicated stuff.


End the cycle by healing a metabolism that’s been messed up by chronic dieting.


You can expect changes like more energy, less cravings, clearer skin, improved digestion and better sleep quality.


Discuss wins, work through barriers, and set attainable nutrition and lifestyle goals.


Rather than taking away all the fun things life has to offer, we focus on what can be added.

learn to remove the anxiety from food AND fuel successful workouts with 1:1 nutrition coaching.

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Complete the complimentary discovery call and prepare to meet weekly via zoom.

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Get unlimited access to me via text and voice messaging through Practice Better and Voxer.

nutrition coaching will help you lose weight or body fat gain muscle boost energy improve your sex drive have better workouts improve sleep quality reduce GI discomforts clear up acne or other skin issues raise your motivation
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Megan has continued to teach me the basics (any beyond) of nutrition that I had overlooked for most of my life. She taught me that the quality of my food mattered, and that low ingredient foods will help my body work most efficiently with the least amount of inflammation. She has balanced this encouragement to pay attention to my intake with the ability to still live life. She does not expect me to never drink wine, or to never order pizza. But she does expect me to understand what the macros of those foods look like, so that I can balance them intelligently into what best fuels my body. This assurance that life can still be normal has led me on a three month journey now to better sleep, better skin, loss of weight, and an ease in my mindset that I have more control over my life than I originally thought.


frequently asked questions

This is a monthly subscription with a monthly cost of $349, and a minimum 3 month commitment. 

The minimum commitment is 3 months, at which point you then go month to month.

We will meet 2x a month for 30 minutes virtually. These meetings should be taken from a quiet, private, place where you can focus on our discussions without distractions

Absolutely! I help clients with all sorts of goals, including better energy, healthier digestion, and better sports performance. Weight loss and body composition change is just one of many things we can focus on.

I use a food journaling app called Cronometer with all of my clients. That being said, sometimes we will slowly ease into food journaling by using visual journals (food photos) on Practice Better. Either way you are expected to journal food daily.

Absolutely! I offer two modes of communication- via text messaging on the Practice Better app or via voice messaging on Voxer. I love when clients send me questions or wins between sessions!

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Hey there! I am so excited you are considering joining me for 1-1 Nutrition coaching. I am a firm believer that living well starts with understanding the why behind what we eat. By the end of our time together (and our goal will be independent, confident living!) I want you to Be Strong, Be Nourished, Be Informed and most of all Be Well!

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