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Megan B Well - About Me
hey there!

I'm Megan B.

And i'm not your typical rd

I’m so glad you have wandered into my corner of the nutrition and fitness space. I’m a Registered Dietitian, personal trainer and lover of science who uses a little humor, a lot of sarcasm and an abundance of educational facts to teach a whole body approach to nutrition, fitness and overall wellness.

I’m an entrepreneur, wife to Tyler, dog mom to Phoebe Woofay, and aunt to the best trouble-makers out there. You’ll usually find me in the kitchen, in the weight room, or or discovering all of the local, single ingredient foods Northern Virginia has to offer.

everyone's on a journey

here's how i got here

Since high school I have known I wanted to be immersed in the fitness and nutrition world, I just decided to take the long way to get there! In my previous life I was a restaurant manager and event planner until I realized all I was thinking about was exercise and food. So, after four years in the industry, I quit my job and went back to school full time. I completed my dietetics degree outside of Philadelphia before relocating to Northern Virginia for my Dietetic Internship with Virginia Tech. 

When I graduated I realized I wanted to help prevent chronic illness rather than just treat it. I worked for 4 years as a Fitness Dietitian and Personal Trainer in a large local gym before carving out my own niche and launching Megan B. Well in 2020 (pandemic years are a great time to launch a new business right?!). Now I work with a variety of clients doing what I love most… creating a network of men and women who value strong over skinny, wellness over restriction, and achieving balance over achieving a six-pack.

i've got the knoweldge

show me them creds

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freedom and confidence are out there

let's just say i've been there

This hasn’t just been a career journey for me, it’s been a personal journey. When I say, “I understand” it’s not because I’ve heard about food confusion, body shame and “just get skinny” mentality, I’ve experienced it.

It started in high school when I lived on 3 bowls honey bunches of oats followed by a bag of frozen vegetables for dinner to “get my nutrients”. I was informed by diets out there promoting the less points you have, the more weight you (theoretically) lose. Because of that I had a “less is better” mindset: the longer I could go without eating, the better off I thought I was because less calories = weight loss. So, day after day I was in a competition with myself to eat less calories which only left me hungry, tired, and getting nowhere.

I went into college where my mindset led me to a DISASTROUS freshman experience. After graduating and managing restaurants for a couple years (and living on restaurant food), I decided to start working with a trainer. I lost a little weight, sure, but what I noticed most was that my body composition was changing. I started to have a breakthrough – maybe there was more to getting fit than just what the scale says? I wanted to get strong. I wanted to understand my body. I thought there must be a better way, and guess what? I can confidently say today: there is! I’m educated, strong, proud of my body, and shouting from the rooftops for others to join me.

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phoebe woofay

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