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Holiday Gift Guide 2021


Is it really November? I still can’t believe it! I feel like our end of summer/beginning of Fall was so wrapped up in wedding planning and as SOON as the wedding ended it was Halloween and the kickoff to holiday season. Actually, yes, that’s exactly what happened.

I know it might not seem like it, but Black Friday is quickly approaching and we actually don’t have a ton of time to get our act together for holiday gifts! So I thought it would be helpful for me to put together a little gift guide for you guys organized by some different areas that I’m interested in. Scroll through and let me know if I missed anything good!

For the Foodie

The below items are perfect for someone who loves to cook…or simply loves to eat! You guys know I fall into both of these categories.

  • Ninja Blender and Food Processor System: I use my blender and/or food processor pretty much weekly when I’m actively cooking (so like…not in the first trimester of pregnancy)! It’s just so convenient and fun to be able to make your own sauces, dressings and other more creative dishes.
  • The Complete Clean Eating Cookbook: written by a friend and fellow dietitian, this cookbook is FULL of delicious recipes that your whole family will enjoy. As a bonus: they won’t take hours upon hours to cook or have hard to follow directions- Sassy keeps it simple!
  • Air Fryer: if you struggle to get veggies in, this one is a must. Air frying vegetables can turn even the pickiest of eaters (like my husband) into an enthusiast. 
  • Instant Pot: if you have kids (or just a super busy schedule) this guy is a must-have. It has the set and forget functions of a crockpot in addition to quick cooking options.
  • Punny Taco Towel: a great stocking stuffer! We love a hand towel with a sense of humor. 
  • Avocado Saver (2 Pack): I love kitchen gadgets that actually WORK and save me from wasting food! These keep the other half of your avocado fresher longer by preventing the air from getting to it once you cut into it.
  • For locals: a gift card to Monks BBQ in Purcellville: or a sampling of their sauce! Monks catered our wedding in October and I cannot even count how many amazing compliments I got on their food. They are one of our top picks for dining in the area- they knock it out of the park every time!

For the Coffee Enthusiast

Someone who loves coffee is someone I love to shop for.  All the gifts on this list except the Ninja system (which I am coveting for our future home with more counter space) are things I personally own and use daily.  

  • Handheld Milk Frother: this is a must-have part of my morning routine. Frothing my milk before pouring my coffee in makes me feel like I’m getting a fancy drink daily without the price tag!
  • Pecan Coffee: I’m not sure how we found Stone Street Coffee Company, but their Pecan coffee is delicious! We order it when we feel like treating ourselves and this specialty small-batch roaster located in Brooklyn NYC always delivers.
  • Ninja Coffee System: this system has everything you need in one- a 10 cup carafe, individual option, and fold away frother.
  • Vital Proteins Collagen: I like to add collagen to my coffee for a little protein boost that blends well and adds some froth to my cup!
  • The Best Travel Mug Ever: the ONLY mug I’ve ever found that can keep my drinks hot from 5am until past lunch, since I tend to sip my coffee through the morning.

For the Fitspo

Some of the tried and true items I use daily that I think any of my fellow #girlswholift (or #girlswhocardio) will enjoy!

  • Old Navy Leggings: my go to black legging- they pass the squat test and have just enough compression that they stay up while still staying comfortable!
  • Garmin Vivomove HR: I love this watch- it helps me remember to get my steps in while still being a somewhat cute accessory to wear daily.
  • Foam Roller: don’t sleep on the warmups and mobility work! Also, I use this implement in a lot of physical therapy-esque movements with clients. 
  • FRÉ Skincare: skincare that works well for women who sweat! I’ve been using this brand for almost two years and they are the only ones I’ve really stuck to. You can tap the affiliate link or use code BWELL for a discount of at least 15% (often more)! 
  • UCAN Products: great for endurance athletes, but I have been using the electrolytes frequently through pregnancy to help prevent dehydration! You can use code UCANRDMB for a discount too.

For the Environmentally Friendly

Lately I have been trying to lessen the impact I’m having on the environment through single use items and really be a bit more environmentally responsible.  The gifts on this list can all help with that, making them items your friends/family can not only enjoy but that you can feel good about giving!

  • Reusable Grocery Bag Pack: people who remember to bring their reusable bags every time are my idols. But I try! These bags are great for separating produce and not having to use the plastic baggies.
  • Stasher Bag: I am very obsessed with Stasher bags, I think I have close to 20. They make all different sizes and come in the CUTEST colors. I use them a lot for freezing produce but they’re also great for travel!
  • Reusable Silverware 4 Pack: these come in such cute colors! They would b great for yours or the kids’ lunch boxes and they definitely come in handy on road trips.
  • Large Cooler Bag: my hot tip for anyone struggling with their lunchtime or road trip nutrition choices? GET A BIG COOLER BAG! Not only are you making healthier choices by bringing food from home, but you’re saving money AND helping the environment by reducing the waste that comes with takeout.
  • Silicone Straws: these single handedly get me to drink more water daily. Something about not only having a straw, but a silicone one (vs metal) is just so helpful.
  • Yeti Tumbler: this tumbler (and the silicone straw in it) goes everywhere with me. End of story.

So there you have it! A few of my favorite things and a guide for all the different people in your life.  Head over to instagram and let me know what YOU love for the holidays this year- I’m still looking for a few gifts!

*All of the opinions in this post are my own. I may be compensated through affiliate links in this post and on this site. 

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